The Panographers - Episode 2: OCEANS (underwater panoramas)

Oceans cover about 70% of the Earth's surface yet until recently there hadn't been an abundance of documentation in the form of underwater spherical panoramas.  Standing on a beach on a stormy day and looking out across the water it's not hard to imagine why. The ocean poses logistical, technical and physiological challenges to a panoramic photographer, whether shooting spherical panoramas and "underpans" or with specialized hybrid systems. This episode will give you an amazing glimpse into the people who have not only risen to the challenge but have created masterworks. People who have combined engineering with an unparalleled creative vision and tackled the problems from all sides. We'll dive into the nitty-gritty and hope you rise to the surface inspired. 

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The Panographers - Episode 1 : Cracking the Google Photosphere(s) egg and the new Ricoh THETA

This week on The Panographers:

Stories behind the Pano:

-  Jeffrey Martin: Gigapixel Toyko & other stories. 

- Thomas Hayden: River Rafting and shooting the immersive Grand Canyon tour.

-  Gavin Farrell: Pole shooting the Nepali Coast on the island of Kauai and general discussion about elevated rigs

Panoramic Gear in Review:

1. The Upcoming Ricoh THETA; new kinds of panoramas are now possible but why exactly?

Techniques of the week: Cracking the Google Photosphere(s) egg.

- We'll show listeners how to get their panoramic content up on Google Maps as a photosphere and discuss why you'd want to do this. 

- We'll also show you some more IOS friendly friendly alternatives such as

  Host: Gavin Farrell,

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