The Panographers - Episode 3: AERIAL Panoramas

Welcome to the Panographers, broadcasted live twice a month, a show about the panoramic photographer and the stories behind the creation of some of the world's most intriguing panoramic images and the ever-evolving world of the panoramic industry.

This week on The Panographers:

Sergey Semenov from and Morten Boe from share their award winning work and discuss how they've overcome the challenges of shooting panoramas from helicopters, octocopters, ultralights, and stratospheric weather balloons.



Morten Boe, True View Virtual Tours

Morten discusses the challenges of spinning a helicopter around in it's own wake and some special his special mounting gear. He also shows the following 360° Panoramas:

Trinity College Virtual Tour

The 2011 EPSON International Pano Award winner

Morten's Ultralight Panorama

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