The Panographers - Episode 1 : Cracking the Google Photosphere(s) egg and the new Ricoh THETA

Welcome to the Panographers, broadcasted live twice a month, a show about the panoramic photographer and the stories behind the creation of some of the world's most intriguing panoramic images and the ever-evolving world of the panoramic industry.  


This week on The Panographers:

Stories behind the Pano:

-  Jeffrey Martin: Gigapixel Toyko & other stories. 

- Thomas Hayden: River Rafting and shooting the immersive Grand Canyon tour.

-  Gavin Farrell: Pole shooting the Nepali Coast on the island of Kauai and general discussion about elevated rigs

Panoramic Gear in Review:

1. The Upcoming Ricoh THETA; new kinds of panoramas are now possible but why exactly?

Techniques of the week: Cracking the Google Photosphere(s) egg.

- We'll show listeners how to get their panoramic content up on Google Maps as a photosphere and discuss why you'd want to do this. 

- We'll also show you some more IOS friendly friendly alternatives such as

  Host: Gavin Farrell,



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